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Internationally Recognized Care for Periodontal Disease and Tooth Replacement

If dental health issues have been negatively affecting your life, confidence and overall health, you’ve come to the right place. For more than 20 years, our specialists have been changing the lives of patients from across the US with our state-of-the-art holistic approach to modern dental care. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our well-trained professionals at these advanced centers for periodontal and dental implant care in Collegeville and Williamsport utilize the latest dental technologies, techniques and materials along with holistic, biologically compatible treatments to deliver amazing results for their patients with a range of dental health issues.

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Thank you so very much for what you did for me. I realize now how much more work was involved than originally thought necessary,…Read More

Last year I had pain for months and nobody was able to help me. I went to dentists, oral surgeons, neurologists, ENTs and nobody was able to…Read More

From the moment I entered Dr. D’s Dental Office in Collegeville, I felt I entered a luxurious spa. The sights, sounds and aromas were so relaxing.…Read More

Superb –- this has to be the future of dentistry and oral surgery! Everything is done with up-to-date technologies and staff techniques to convert…Read More

To all that have Periodontal problems and other Teeth and mouth problems, want them TREATED AND CORRECTED, please make some History for yourself…Read More

Recently I had to visit Dr Dave’s office for a variety of serious dental issues which were causing extreme pain and TMJ disturbances.…Read More

I recently underwent a total mouth restoration done by Dr D & his highly trained staff. The experience was truly amazing, the time involved incredible.…Read More

Referral Network of 60 Doctors

Collaborating with over 60 referring dental and medical professionals nationwide, Dr. DiGiallorenzo and his team successfully address complex dental problems with fewer visits, less discomfort, and positive results. Their minimally invasive solutions include: incisionless, same-day tooth replacement utilizing 3D imaging along with titanium or metal-free zirconium dental implants for either single-tooth replacements or loose denture stabilization. We also offer single-visit stem cell gum grafting (donor less) and LANAP single-visit laser therapy for chronic gum infections, which eliminates all cutting and stitches. Finally, you can receive the advanced oral healthcare you need without donor tissue, scalpels, or sutures. Other advanced treatments include: TMJ, chronic pain, complex case diagnosis and reconstruction and replacement of congenitally missing teeth in teenagers.

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An Integrative Approach to Dental and Overall Health and Wellness.

The LANAP and Implant Center incorporates accredited professionals in acupuncture, laser bio stimulation, reflexology, massage, oral detoxification, nutrition advice and homeopathy for optimal outcomes. These advancements, along with the utilization of an array of sedation/relaxation therapies, make it easier for patients to care for their dental health needs without the fear of numerous, uncomfortable appointments and long, painful recovery periods.

Enjoy Freedom from Anxiety and New Confidence in Your Smile.

Has anxiety kept you from seeking important care? Our doctors treat dental anxiety with IV sedation and guided imagery. With these effective methods of sedation, we can help patients overcome mild, moderate, or severe anxiety, which is sometimes rooted in past experiences. We offer these services in order to make dental care more comfortable, since it is an integral part of a patient’s overall health. With his 22-plus years of experience, Dr. DiGiallorenzo has seen the positive influence that a beautiful smile and good dental health can have on patients’ overall health and emotions.

Implant Denture Treatments

Soft Tissue Grafting

TMD/TMJ Therapy

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