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Periodontal Services on the Leading Edge of Technology and Technique

Dr. DiGiallorenzo provides LANAP periodontal therapy at his Collegeville and Williamsport offices. Why LANAP? This gum disease treatment uses lasers to promote healing and increase comfort during and after the procedure. Dr. DiGiallorenzo believes in keeping up to date on the latest and most effective treatments for gum disease, and that means offering LANAP to his patients.

Several Options for Tooth Replacement and Dental Implants Near Philadelphia, PA

Dr. DiGiallorenzo offers several different types of dental implants for tooth replacement, including metal-free zirconia dental implants and immediate total tooth replacement. He can combine your dental implants procedure with care from The Wellness Center to boost your healing and help you feel better throughout the process, which is just another advantage to receiving your dental implants care from Dr. DiGiallorenzo. Offering both biological dental implants and holistic care means you get the most modern dental care available.

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We invite you to contact the Collegeville, PA or Williamsport, PA periodontal office of Dr. David DiGiallorenzo to discuss your specific periodontal or implant needs. Located near Philadelphia, PA, our offices truly bring you the combination of complete care and comfort that you long for, and you’ll find ultimate health in the hands of Dr. DiGiallorenzo.

Dr. David DiGiallorenzo Provides LANAP Gum Disease Treatment, Dental Implants, and More at Our Philadelphia Area Periodontal Offices

The Philadelphia area offices of periodontist Dr. David DiGiallorenzo, located in Collegeville, PA and Williamsport, PA, offer specialized periodontal care in gum disease treatment, teeth extrations, and dental implantology using the latest developments in care, including LANAP (laser assisted new attachment procedure). You can receive a variety of periodontal and implant treatments right here in our offices, including gum grafting, metal-free dentistry options including metal-free dental implants, and immediate total tooth replacement. Dr. DiGiallorenzo uses biocompatible treatment materials including zirconia dental implants because of his focus on holistic care, which is also why he provides homeopathic therapy and nutritional therapy.

Learn more about the various treatments available from Philadelphia area periodontist and dental implantologist Dr. David DiGiallorenzo:

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